Hi Folks well it’s time for an update me thinks. ok ok as I am sure you have gathered by now sitting down writing updates for the website is not our strong point. Though I am glad to report that putting our clients onto the best carp fishing on Lake Orellana and supplying everything that is needed to see them safely in the net is still what we excel at. We are now using our facebook page to keep you up to date with catches and all of the news from the bank. From now on our Facebook page will be synched with this blog. Anyway here are some catches to feast your eyes on.

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Catch Carp Spain

Hi folks and Happy New Year from everyone at C.C.S. Well the last month in 2014 turned out to be another cracker. Though it was always going to be hard to top the November we had we gave it a good go and did pretty well I’m sure you’ll agree. The start of the month gave me some time to go out on the lake and try out some new areas. This is something I love doing as I am always looking for the next hot spot and find it hard to stay in the one area (even when its fishing well) for any length of time. There is always this nagging feeling that I may be missing something better somewhere else and I just have to take a look. Now don’t get me wrong more often than not it ends up producing nothing but every so often you find a gem so it makes it well worth the effort. So I tried out a couple of new spots with not a great deal of success catching only smaller fish but there is one area I will definitely take another look at in different conditions. Come the second half of the month I had decided to fish an area next to one of the houses we have for rent right on the banks of the lake. The reason for this was that the agents that I work with in Holland were coming over for the Christmas period to fish from the house and do some filming. I had only fished here a couple of times before, but over the last 4 months if I passed I had been dropping some bait in the area. The weather had been pretty consistent over the month so far with warm sunny days with little wind and the temps dropping away at night. This was about to change in a couple of days’ time with a wind picking up from the south with a good bit of rain and low pressure, just what I had been hoping for. The first day before the weather changed produced one fish which was a bit of a strange one as I thought it was small but it turned out to be just under 20kg. It was not your typical Orellana fish as it was very short and fat but they all count and it was nice to get off the mark in a new swim. The next day the weather had changed and I had heavy rain and a warm strong south wind blowing right into my face. Very nice though I could have done without the rain. Now I am going to be honest and tell you the full story. The truth is the first run I got I lost the fish right in front of me with no-one to blame but me. I was totally shocked as it has been such a long time since I last lost a fish and to do it like that was good reminder not to get too bloody cocky. I am going to say nothing more about it as once they are gone they are gone and that’s it move on you cocked it up end off. There is nothing pisses me off more than these anglers who go on and on about how they lost this and that big fish. Anyway it was only 45 minutes and I got the chance to redeem my early mistake. It was absolutely pissing down when on my middle rod I had a very slow pick up which is usually a good sign so it was on with the wet weather gear as quickly as I could and out to the rods. Soon as I lifted the rod and put some pressure onto this fish it was off and I was into a good fish.  After another classic battle with these incredibly strong Orellana fish that just do not give up I was over the moon to have it safely in my landing net. Now I knew it was a good fish but it was not until I tried to lift it from the water to the unhooking mat that I started to realised just what a monster it was. By this time I was pissing wet through but none of that mattered as it turned the needle on the scales right round and was jumping about between 62 and 65lbs I could not get it to settle and the more I was trying the worst it got to be honest. So it was sacked and a proper weight could wait until the morning when I was dry and had stopped shaking. As it turned out in the morning it came in at just over 28kg and bang on 62lbs and with not a mark on it in tip top condition which is pretty much how every fish is on this unbelievable water. I would just like to say a big thank you to my mate Heiko who came down early the next morning and helped out with the pics etc.  I had one more fish before leaving but only a small one at 15kg which is still a nice fish when you consider this is meant to be winter fishing. 

Spain Carp Fishing 

It was now the Christmas week and the Dutch had arrived and gotten a day’s fishing in before I made it onto the lake. They were fishing from the house and I was back in my spot round the corner. As it turned out they had a busy 5 days with action right from day one though they missed their first 2 runs. That was all forgotten as their next fish was another Orellana monster at 26kg and was followed by 4 more fish the right side of 20kg and one just under for 5 days fishing.  Now at the same time I was not doing quite as well but I still managed 3 fish over three nights fishing with them all coming in at 15kg plus or minus a bit. In fact it looked like the same fish every bloody time.  

Carp Fishing Holiday 

It’s been a fantastic second half of 2014 with this quite unbelievable lake just seeming to getting better and better as the years pass and what a way to finish the year with fish over 30kg and some just under. Well what can I say winter fishing on Orellana not bad eh!

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Carp Fishing holiday

Hi folks, it’s been a cracker of a month on Orellana with Catch Carp Spain. The lake has been fishing really well this year with some impressive fish hitting the bank. At my last count I had seen or heard of 5 fish over the 30kg mark with the biggest being 34kg. As we started the second half of the year the target was set for one of our clients to crack the 30kg mark and as it had been producing such good fish in the first half of the year we felt that it was definitely on.

Catch Carp

We had the great pleasure this month of having the lads over from catchincarpinthecanaires.com for a short break and a good social. It’s the first time the lads had been here and were over to try their hand for one of the Famous Orellana Commons. The weather for their stay was not the best.   It was cold wet and windy for the weekend but we still managed a couple of commons for the lads.  Unfortunately there were no monsters.   A great time was had on the bank with Jon and Ian being a couple of currant buns and myself being a supporter of the cabbage and ribs.  There was plenty of banter and wind ups flying around the bank along with a few beers. Cheers for the tee shirt lads I shall wear it with pride and hope to see you here again soon for another crack at a monster common.  I will defo be trying to get myself over to your place for a go at some canary mirrors. 

Spain Carp Fishing

The month has also seen the return of our regular clients from Austria, Gerald and Christoph.  This is the fourth time the lads have been here and they have had some cracking fish over the years. Their stay this time was shorter than they would have liked but they still had 10 days fishing with us. The two of them usually like to start by having a go on some areas that they have chosen themselves. This is great for us as it means that we get some great feedback on new areas of the lake that we may not have fished ourselves. This time I did think that it could be a bit of a gamble as time was short and the weather conditions were not looking that great but they went for it anyway and fair play to them. It was a difficult first three days for them with a move of location taking place on all three days.  It is not that big a deal to do now with our 5 meter skiff and is a must on a lake like this.   If you are seeing no fish it generally means there is none and you could wait for ever for them to come to you so it is much better to go and find them. They did have one or two fish over the first three days but nothing that was worth hanging around for so with their time ticking down it was time to hit some of our big fish producing areas that we know with our years of experience come up with the goods. The first spot that we hit which the lads have fished before and had fish out at over 25kg never really worked out for them. They had some fish but still no monster so it was time after a couple of days for one last move. After a chat with Gerald it was decided to go to a spot that they had only fished once before but that I and other clients have had many 20+kg fish out of.  We have seen and heard some monsters here over the years and it was feeling right for a monster. It turned out to be a master stroke as on the first night Gerald was straight onto the fish with 4 in a night up to 17kg. I don’t know what it is but you sometimes just get a feeling that something special is going to happen. I had been talking to Gerald that it is time now for the big one and guess what happens the next morning bang and along comes the big one. I was over the moon to get the text that said ‘got him woohoo’ as I knew what it meant.   So it was in the boat and off up the lake to take the photos of our first 30kg common and what a fish it was. It turned out to hit the scales at a fin perfect 30.3kg (66.6lbs) with no signs that it had ever been caught before. What a fish again from this incredible water which just seems to get better and better. I was over the moon that it was one of our regular clients who got our first thirty. I’m sure that there are many more 30+kg fish to come.  What a year Gerald is having also catching a 39.5kg fish from a lake in Austria early in the year. Well done mate great fishing. 

Carp Spain Fishing

Well as you can probably imagine we are looking forward to the 7 months of fishing before we stop for the summer.  Let’s hope that there are more monster 30+kg fish on the way.  Come and try for yourself.  The fishing here is like nothing you will ever had experienced before.

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First half 2014 round up

Book now for the second half 2014 and 2015 season – the lake is in great shape and the fishing looks like it’s going to better than ever.

Hi folks, it’s been a great first half to the year here on Lake Orellana with C.C.S. We have had some fantastic new clients visiting us and lots of great fish have been put on the bank. The Lake’s water level for pretty much the whole first half of the year has been at the very top due to work going on further down the water system. This with the fact that we had some really up and down temperatures during March and April meant that the fish never knew if they were coming or going regarding spawning. As early as the middle of March they showed the first signs that they were getting in the mood for it and were spawning on and off all the way up to the end of April start of May. This is the first time I have seen spawning so spread out over such a long time thankfully it did not have an adverse effect on the fishing except from right at the start when they went right off it for a couple of weeks. The rest of the time the fishing was great, every now and then they might go for it for two or three days but this would be followed with them getting their heads right down for a proper good munch. All of our clients had fish on the bank except from Robert and Dominik from Germany who were really unlucky.  They caught that period during March when we had sun during the day heating up the water surface in the shallow areas and the fish went into first spawning mode and were not feeding at all. The worst of it was that we were finding fish piled up in the corner of some bays but they were not interested at all in feeding. The lads still loved the Lake and could see the outstanding fishing there is to be had. They were just very unlucky so they are planning to get back here as soon as they can and C.C.S. are doing them a special deal to make up for their bad luck first time round. We also had Alex and his girlfriend Caroline here who are doing what a lot of people would love to do and traveling round Europe fishing.  Alex also writes for Korda and has his own blog and I believe in time is going to be writing his own book about his adventures. I actually missed them when they first arrived as I was elsewhere. They had been here a couple of weeks before I caught up with them and this had not been the best experience, Alex was well pissed off when I first met them. It had been a frustrating couple of weeks for them, they got the run-around with regards to licences for fishing and boats etc. and when they did get fishing there was no action to speak of and they saw only small fish. This is a story I have heard many times before from people turning up here on spec.  The fact is that if you don’t know how it works here regarding licences etc. you will find it very difficult.  Also on a Lake of over 5000 hectares finding the fish without local knowledge and a boat to navigate round these vast areas can take a massive amount of time and effort. So I managed to convince Alex to start again put the first couple weeks behind him and let me take him out on the boat and show him the lake.  He had actually seen very little of it.

I took him and Caroline out to some good areas that I fish and let them get on with it. I am not going to spoil the story for you as I am sure you will be able to read all about it when Alex does write his book. After all it’s his story but I will say that four weeks later it was a very different man that left here.  I don’t think it will be very long before I see them again. We have also this May had Edwin Freaky and Reclin down here doing some filming and promo work for their agency in Holland who C.C.S. will now be working with. The filming turned out to very interesting as it would be the first time I would have people here using underwater cameras with live feed back to the bank and also filming from a drone. I have to be honest and say that at first I was a bit sceptical but within no time I have to admit that I found myself glued to the screen to see what was happening. I will say that a bit of me thinks that it is kind of cheating and using technology a bit too much in our favour. It feels like it is taking the art of learning your water craft out of it a bit too much for my liking. There was also the fact that I was bricking it that I might get found out. As the guide you’re the one that had bloody well better know your stuff and with the camera streaming live to the bank there is nowhere to hide. I was over the moon to see for myself that what I thought was going on was and I will say that it has filled me full of even more confidence in what I am doing(who would have thought that possible). We had a great time on the bank and caught some nice fish with Edwin netting a stunning Orellana mirror. You can read more about this in the August/September Karper magazine and also see some of the filming if you go to the carpcrossing.com website. I don’t have time to mention everyone that has been out with us so far this year as time sat here writing this is time not on the bank which is all wrong in my world. I do however have to put a quick mention in for Kevin who was out in June with his two mates I don’t have time to tell the full story but what I will say is that it was one of the maddest funniest three days spent on the lake and if you come here with C.C.S. you must ask about the Excalibur story. So Kevin well done on taking your pb from 17lb to 47lb during your trip with us and thanks for the story to tell the Grandkids.

I am writing this at the start of September at the end of another long hot summer.  I am glad to report that the water is in great condition with water levels spot on for the coming months. It has been a great first half to the year on Lake Orellana with reports also coming in from local anglers on some outstanding catches.  The water just keeps getting better.

Come out and try it for yourself.  Business is really picking up this year with clients booking further and further ahead to secure the slots they want so don’t miss out book now you won’t regret it.

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Hi folks, it has been a busy little start to the year for us. We haven’t managed to get onto the lake quite as often as we would have liked (due to work off the lake needing to be taken care of) but never-the-less we kept things ticking along nicely even with the tough conditions. The weather has not been great with cold strong winds and some heavy rain thrown in for good measure but we have still managed to catch fish up to 24kg. This was a cracking common which rocketed off one morning like a scalded cat. Normally when it’s such a screaming run the fish tends to be in the 13 to 16kg size range but this one was 24kg and acting like a total nutter. It must have taken 100meters of line on the first run alone and still had energy for another couple of powerful runs before I started taking line back. In the end it was a good 35minute battle before I had it safely in my net. A great fish at any time of the year but just that little bit more special when you catch them in the winter.  Another little bit of good news for our clients, is that you will now be able to access internet at the lake for free with our new Mi-Fi setup this will mean you can use your tablets, smartphones, and laptops on the internet at no extra cost. We also have a new video going onto the website and YouTube soon where you will be able see for yourself the fantastic fishing and the stunning location that we have here for you to enjoy.
 I am glad to say as I sit here writing this update that the weather outlook is much better with warm weather on the way at last.  Just in time for our Special Easter Packages with a must have 10% discount.  So now is a great time to book your next trip.  You won’t be disappointed.

 Catch Carp Spain

First of all a big thanks to our regular customers who visit us every year, you know who you are.  We really appreciate your business and we are looking forward to seeing you in 2014 and getting your feedback on our new set-up.   We are confident that you will be even more delighted with the new areas you can now fish and the ease of getting around the lake in the skiff.   
We are looking now at some further developments for this year with potentially combining some predator and carp fishing in a package for those of you who want a different experience.   We have also managed to source some excellent accommodation at a very reasonable rate which would be suitable for larger groups and for families (swimming pool included).  Don’t worry our core carp customers will always be our priority but there are other ways to enjoy this beautiful part of the world and we’d like to be able to offer you plenty of variety.
Look out for news of these developments on the website and for the special offers which come up from time to time.  At the moment we have an unexpected vacancy from 15th to 28th February and are able to offer a very attractive discount.  Contact us through the website for further details.  
2014 is going to be an exciting year for us at Catch Carp Spain so don’t miss out, book now and join us in Extremadura for a carp fishing holiday you won’t forget.

Catch Carp SpainHi folks hope you have all enjoyed the festive season and are ready to take on the New Carp Fishing Year. December was a quiet month here in Extremadura with the temperatures on the bank dipping below zero and the water temp down to 10c. Still we did get out a couple of times onto the bank during the month with a short 3 night session and a longer session of 7 nights. The first short session was a bit of a waste as a cold snap came down from the north and took the temperature on the bank down to -4  for a couple of nights and totally killed the fishing. Only one brave fish showed over the three nights on the bank.  The second session was a lot more successful with the cold snap gone and things starting to warm up a bit.

 I managed 8 runs over the week.  The down side was that the larger fish were still off the feed and none of the fish made it over the mid twenty mark.  It was still nice though to be on the fish given how the weather had been and the larger fish are sure to be needing a munch before long. It was great to see another article from Andy Chambers on the fantastic fishing we have to offer here in Spain in the December issue of Carp World.  I always find Andy’s articles to be a good read whether they are on the waters here in Spain or elsewhere in Europe. I would like though to point out a couple of inaccuracies in Andy’s article.  I don’t think Andy has been down to Orellana or Sierra Brava over the last couple of years and there have been a couple of really positive changes to the rules since then. First of all there has been legal night fishing on Orellana for the last two years in the designated night fishing zone which I think I am right in saying makes Orellana the only lake in Spain to have this.  Also now for the first time in about 7 years boats are permitted for use on Sierra Brava but with no motors. The other big change here this year has been the fact that Orellana now has opened up pretty much all the lake to boat’s which has meant that with our five meter skiff here at Catch Carp Spain we can get to where the fish are at and not have to wait for them to come to us.

Catch Carp Spain

Catch Carp SpainHi folks it’s been a good couple of months here in Extremadura with some great fishing and lots more new areas fished on this amazing lake. October was spent with me getting out to fish as many of the areas that I had recce’d in the boat during the summer months that I could whilst also checking out some spots that I thought would do well over the winter months. As there was so much to be going at I had to limit myself to only fishing one or two nights at each new area so as to get through as many as  possible in the time I had available. This meant sometimes having to leave areas as the swim was starting to produce which as I am sure you can imagine is not the easiest thing to do.   It turned out to be the right thing as my clients got the benefit of this in the following month. Though I was only doing a night or two then jumping in the boat to the next spot I was gaining loads of new information on each area and still managing to catch fish to over 40lbs.
Carp Fishing SpainI was really looking forward to Gerald and Christoph arriving as they were going to be the first clients to try out the new boat and fish some of the new areas that having the boat has made it possible to get to for the first time. Gerald and Christoph were coming here for the third time in as many years so were ideal clients to gain feedback on the new way we operate. I wanted to see how big a difference it made to their fishing experience and off course whether it led to more and bigger fish on the bank. I am glad to report that it was great success even with one of the quickest temp drops I have ever experienced.  Summer changed to winter in the space of a couple of days. The lads arrived at the start of November with the temperatures in the mid-twenties during the day and staying well into double figures at night. I had been out on the bank a couple of days before they arrived and had still been in shorts and tee-shirt with the water temp at a very nice 20c.Fishing HolidaysPretty much spot on fishing conditions but by the time they left a little over two weeks later the day time temperature was down to the mid-teens.  It was still very sunny with not a cloud in the sky most of the time but as you can imagine you were paying for this at night with temperatures dropping to below freezing on some nights and the water temp well down at 15c. Even with the tough changing conditions the lads got to fish five different areas of the lake four of which they had never been to on any of their two previous trips here with us. They were straight into the action with fish coming right from day one and by the end of their time with us they had had fish from every area except one and that was only because they lost a couple of fish there.

I think in total they had somewhere in the region 30+ runs with them landing some cracking fish which included 3 or 4 lovely mirrors and with Christoph getting a new pb of just over 54lbs and another three 40lb plus fish he was well happy. So as you can see from the pictures the lads had a great time and the feedback from them regarding our new setup was positive all the way.Carp Fishing SpainThey loved the fact that they had so many options and were not stuck in the one area so that when conditions changed and the fishing slowed down at one area it was a quick throw the gear in the boat and of to the next. Well that’s it for the moment as I am off out to fish some new areas as I am still only about 30% through the spots I want to have a good look at and will give you a update next month on how its going.
It’s not too late to book now for early next year and see for yourself just how good it is.

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Hi folks it’s been a busy month here in Extremadura.  I have spent the month on the lake with the new boat recceing new fishing areas.  Haven’t personally done much fishing due to the stubbornly high temperatures on the bank, and the water temperatures were also high stuck at 27 degrees Celsius.  As I am writing this today I am glad to say the temperature has dropped and the new season has finally kicked off.  It should be great fishing from now right through to June next year.       
The good news is that I’ve had plenty of time to have a really good look around the lake before the fishing really gets going.  Even though I have fished here for coming on 10 years the boat has opened up so many new areas I couldn’t previously dreamed of getting to because of the poor access and the fact that boats where not permitted. What has become apparent through spending so much time on the lake is that it is really important to find the areas where the fish are as outside of these areas there is pretty much no action on the water at all.   It is noticeable that the fish seem to hang about in only 5 or 6 areas on the lake at the moment though I do expect to see these areas changing when the colder month arrive. Needless to say I have spent a lot of time in these areas and marked a lot of good spots on the GPS as well as starting to bait them which should start to produce good results over the coming months.

I did manage a couple of overnight sessions this month with the aim of seeing what was happening on the lake during the night it also netted me couple of fish no monsters but just nice  to get off the mark at the start of a new season none the less.
Look out for the fantastic discount deals we are doing in October and November and get over here for a great fishing experience.

September Update

Discount Deal

To celebrate the start of the first season with vastly improved access to the lake on Catch Carp Spain’s new boat we are offering a 10% discount on our new packages to everyone who makes a booking with us before the end of November.  You’d be crazy to miss out book now.  (Holiday must be taken within 12 months of booking)


Catch Carp Spain is pleased to be able offer its clients a fantastic new service.

For those of you who have previously fished with us you will remember that one of the issues we had here on Lake Orellana was poor access to the lake.  For those who have not fished with us the problem has always been that although Lake Orellana it is a massive inland sea and public access is permitted on all the banks unfortunately access to the banks has predominately been over private land.  Access therefore has only ever been achievable on approximately 20% of the lake. 

Orellana Boat Access

In addition as you can imagine on a Lake so large getting around the lake, moving from location to location has taken an inordinate amount of time and cut down on valuable fishing time.  Also when we have a wind change and want to move it not only takes time but you have the added complication of trying to gain access across private land.
The distances involved meant that whilst we made every effort to keep areas baited up it was only ever realistic to keep a maximum of two to three areas baited at any one time.  Adding to the problem was the restriction on the use of boats which meant that we were only able to use our 3 meter inflatable for baiting on the bottom third of the lake. 

Exciting New Developments

Our ideal at Catch Carp Spain has always been to have access to as many swims as possible with the flexibility to react quickly to changing conditions on the Lake and the ability to prebait as widely as possible.    
The great news is that the authorities here in Extramadura have now granted access to nearly all of Lake Orellana for boats.  Catch Carp Spain have been waiting for this to happen and have acquired its first 5 meter skiff to take full advantage of this development.  During August we will be hard at work recceing the lake to find all of the best areas and commence our baiting programme.  This will mean that up and down the lake we will have multiple locations which have been consistently baited.  From September our clients will have the use of our skiff.  This will mean that we will be able to take them directly to the best areas of the lake.  It will also mean that should conditions change during their stay we will be able to react quickly moving to an alternative location where the conditions are suitable.

Catch Carp Spain is really excited about these changes and is looking forward to seeing some massive catches. This really is a game changer so book now and be one of the first to take advantage of our new service. 
Catch Carp Spain Boat

At Catch Carp Spain we were shocked to hear that one of our original clients and good friend Gavin Rice died suddenly in June.  Gavin who was in his early 30’s died whilst on the lake with friends in his native Ireland.  Gavin was a regular with Catch Carp Spain he will be sorely missed and our thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends.  Great guy…shit jumpersGavin RIP
Gavin Rice


Hi folks and Happy 2013 to everyone. Well 2012 was a hard year for Catch Carp Spain with things that happened of the lake but it’s a new year and time to march on and do what we are good at putting big fish on the bank for our clients. Here are some pictures of fish caught in the second half of 2012 by our clients. 

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Catch Carp SpainAll`s well ...That ends well
Hi folks, well February has turned out to be a bit of a bitch this year with very trying weather conditions to deal with here in Extremadura.  Due to the fact that the whole month of February`s weather conditions have consisted of scorching hot days with no cloud, no wind and sky high air pressure followed by nights of freezing your brass monkeys off all night.  As you can imagine things have been a little slow.  None the less the lads at C.C.S. have been out on the lake catching fish.  We spent the whole of the month on Sierra Brava as we felt this offered the best chance of getting into the fish.  As it turned out the start of the month was the hardest with things being slow with only fish up to 20Lb being caught, and they were few and far between.  As the conditions for the second half of the month were looking like staying the same a new plan of attack was required.  It`s always the case if we are fishing Brava on our own and not with clients that you won`t see us there on the weekends as its always busy.  This causes its own problem as when you arrive on the Monday you are never sure if somebody has been in the swim you choose and if so how much bait has gone in.  This especially I think is a problem when conditions are so tough.  So the plan for the second half of the month was to find an area if possible that we could be confident that only we had access too so could control what was happening in the swim.  Over the first two weeks we had observed a lot of fish showing near a long point on the lake which has produced fish for us in previous years.  The added bonus was that at present the point has been cut off and effectively turned into an island with no one fishing there as far as we could see over the last few months.  Just what we were after!!  So it was waders out and wading stick to the ready to find a route through for the Defender…No probs! We ended up doing two 5 day stints out on the island with the added confidence that what bait was going in was only what we were putting in.  So no excuses!  As it turned out the first 5 days were pretty slow with us making a swim change half way through from one side of the island to the other.  As soon as the change was made we started to catch fish but still only smaller ones.  We had seen larger fish but they were staying frustratingly on the other side of the snags 100m in front of us where we could not get to them.  We decided to bait up before leaving the swim as we were sure that the bigger fish would start to eventually make their way to our side of the snags if there was food there for them.  

In the end our tactics paid off as we had a lot more action on the second session and on our penultimate day a cracking 39Lb Sierra Brava Mirror fell to one of Lee’s rods.
  So all`s well that ends well.

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Hi folks Happy New Year and all the best for 2012!

We hope you had a great festive season and if you braved the winter conditions managed to bag a few.

What a great 2011 for catchcarpspain.com! We have been very busy on Orellana and Sierra Brava recently and in tough conditions clients have caught some nice fish. See latest photos.

We are receiving lots of interest for the first half of 2012 and are starting to fill up.  Book fast to secure a spot and to take advantage of Spring conditions in sunny Spain.

Our winter meal deals are still in effect so take advantage of that offer too!

Tight lines!

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Hi Folks, well what a strange month it’s been with weather more like the middle of August than October. It’s usually the case in October that we have westerly winds with good low pressure fronts coming off the Atlantic... not this year, bugger all wind and not a cloud in the sky for most of the month making for some tough conditions .We started the month with Dave and Kev from Essex both lads have done a lot of angling  abroad, the pair are good anglers and are a great laugh to spend time on the bank with. Well the weather was crap but we still got into the fish with a fish a day coming out even with the poor conditions, though we never got into any monsters we still had carp up to 37lb.
 The next group we had out were the Italian lads Memo and Luca. Memo had been here earlier in the year to see for himself what all the talk was about and loved it straight away.  Memo is part of the Rod Hutchinson team in Italy and has fished all over the world for carp. The weather had not got any better for them but we stuck at it and managed to get some cracking carp in the net though the lads only had 5 fish two of them were what Orellana is all about, incredibly  hard fighting fish in stunning conditions.  Memo was over the moon to get a new common pb for him which took the scales up to 52lb, he then followed that up with another common of 41lb and finished with one at 34lbs, nice fishing mate! Luca also came to the party with a 31lb and a 24lb fish, both the lads were a great fun to be with as usual and can’t wait to get on the bank with them again next year.
At the end of the month thanks to a late cancelation Gordon and I managed to get a short 3 day session in. The weather could not have been more different with pissing rain and howling winds, we had been looking for the change in the weather but not this much of a change. The fish were on it straight from the off with the carp starting to shoal up again which was great, the only problem was we could only manage to get the rods out once or twice a day which meant they spent more time out the water than in, never the less it was good fishing with 12 fish coming out over the three days from 25lb up to 35lb.  Things could have been so much better if the wind had just calmed down a little bit so we could get the rods out.
Just to add to the great fishing we were graced with a meteor shower from the constellation Orion.  The clear, unpolluted night sky here allows stargazers a unique opportunity to witness the marvels of the cosmos.  At one period just before dawn there were 4 meteors giving off spectacular reds, greens, blues and other colours of the spectrum as they entered earth’s atmosphere. It’s hard to think these 'Orionids' are leftovers from Halley’s comet and most are no bigger than a grain of sand!

If you are into a bit of Ornithology, stargazing, weather watching and of course quality carp fishing then you are on the right site.

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The rest of the first half of the season

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Hi folks, sorry for the lack of news updates over recent months.
We are glad to say that we have a new member of staff who has started now at www.catchcarpspain.com 
Gordon’s main job with us will be to keep everybody informed of all the action here in Extremadura as it happens. He will be carrying this out through the news updates on the website newspage, Facebook and Linkedin 
So log into these and keep up with the action.
If you would like to contact him directly you can on:
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Mob: 0034  678 987 928
We have now started the second part of the season here in Extremadura and will be bringing you news of how our clients are getting on over the coming weeks.  
If you are planning to book a trip with us over the coming months we still have some availability in November and December.  These being historically two very productive months for good fish combined with mild temperatures reaching 26c/78F…not bad for ‘winter` fishing!
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Craig lands a real cracker at 46lbs

Well it’s been another cracking month here in Extremadura with C.C.S. The month got off to a difficult start with mental weather, high air pressure no wind and not a cloud in the sky.   Great weather for sun bathing but crap for carp fishing in February.  We had 2 top lads Peter and Charith out from Holland for 10 days during this time and it really was tough fishing but the lads were both experienced carp anglers so knew the score. They started on Lake Orellana with Craig but with conditions as they were it was soon decided that Sierra Brava would be the better option.  In these conditions it really was a case of fishing for bites. In the end after a good few swim changes both myself and Craig managed to get the lads some fish, no big ones but they did have 6 runs and put 4 fish on the bank all doubles. For the last few days I had the lads back down at Orellana to see if we could temp a biggie out but it was not to be with no change to the weather conditions. I think the lads really appreciated the effort that we put in for them in very difficult conditions as they are coming back to fish with us later in the year. 
Three days after the Dutch lads went back there was a massive change in the weather with a large front coming in from the west with high wind, low pressure and a good bit of rain on the way just what we had been hoping for.   We were straight onto Orellana the day the weather changed and what a cracking weeks fishing it turned into especially for Craig. As anybody who reads the news updates will know over the last few years I have been on an incredible run of luck where it’s seemed every time I put a line in the water it came back with a 40lb plus carp on the end. Craig who you have to remember has been putting clients onto fish over 50lb has had bugger all luck, if you can call catching hundreds of thirties no luck. It is unbelievable how many 39lb carp he had last year without breaking the 40lb mark.  Things were about to change. Over the first couple of days we were straight into the fish with some nice 20lb plus fish coming out to both our rods and myself having a nice 34lb fish.  On the third day Craig shot off to get Stu who was coming up from Seville to join us on the bank for the rest of the week. Craig had been away about 45 minutes when one of my rods ripped off and I was into a fish and a good one.  The lads arrived back just in time to slip the net under a cracking carp for me just shy of 43lb, the jammy git does it again. It only took about an hour and the reel was screaming off again and this time it was a fish just over the 40lb mark so I was well happy with the days fishing.
 The next day was to see Craig getting the bit of luck that was well overdue.  It started with him cracking the 40lb mark with a stunning carp just under 42lb.  He went on to top that with a real cracker at 46lb and finished it off on the last day with a 44lb carp.  Get in there mate great fishing and nothing more than you deserved. The final tally for the 6 days on the bank was fantastic considering it was still February. Craig in the end had 1 double, 6 twenties, 5 thirties and three forties.  Stu chipped in with 2 mid-thirties and I ended up with 1 double, 3 twenties, 4 thirties and two forties. What a great session. I think this year could be Craig’s year though with bookings up and a busy year ahead for Catch Carp Spain it might slow him down.

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Well December and January have been a blast here in Extremadura, lots of fish on the bank and some really good weather to go with it. I’m not going to carp on about the weather too much as I know pretty well all of the rest of Europe has had a shocking couple of months.   We have had a few cold nights and a bit of rain but it has never lasted more than a couple of days and the fishing conditions have been spot on most of the time. We finished the year fishing on Lake Orellana; the first session of the month saw Stu up again from Seville for 4 days on the bank with me and a cracking 4 days fishing  it turned out to be 30+ fish over the 4 days and the majority being 30+lb with the biggest tipping the scales at 42lb.   I have to say nice one to Stu as he bagged a new p.b. on the session a cracking 39.5lb common well done mate. The next session was also on Orellana with Craig over 2 days which was a bit more difficult as conditions were not as good.  We still put 5 carp on the bank with the biggest over 30lb and the rest being mid 20s. So that was it for December as it was time for plenty food and drink with family and friends over the festive season.

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January started with a 3 day session on Sierra Brava with Craig and Stu.  We have had clients fishing Brava in 2010 but this would be my first time fishing there since this time last year.  It’s not that I don’t think Brava’s a good water it’s just that Orellana is without doubt one of the best venues in carp fishing.   Some of the biggest hardest fighting, often uncaught carp, are found in Orellana so I do tend  spend most my own time fishing there.  Who wouldn’t given the opportunity.  The session I have to say was a bit of a piss up it being the first of the New Year but nevertheless we did manage to bank more than 20 carp with Craig having the biggest at 32.5lbs.   Stu and I chipped in with some 20s.  The next session was also on Brava with Craig and myself spending another 3 days on the bank.  We had lots of fish in fact over 30 with me having the biggest at 31.5lbs and 4 or 5 mid 20s the best of the rest. The last session in January was again on Brava with Craig.  We had 4 days on the bank this time and had more than 20 fish.  Most were Craig’s as I was having a nightmare session.   The water was rising very fast and a lot of drift wood had ended up in my swim which led to me losing quite a few fish.   Added to that I caught as far as I  can remember the smallest carp I have ever had in many years fishing here in Extremadura.   You can imagine the piss taking coming from Craig but what goes around comes around.  Not long after he too had a tiddler on for my amusement.  In the end though he had the last laugh with the best fish of the session a nice 29.5lb mirror.   So as you can see some outstanding fishing to be had here in Extremadura even in the winter months bare it in mind come next winter.

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Just a quick one before I go.   Over the last few months I have been trying out a new boilie company. It’s pretty common knowledge that I have used the same boilie brand when fishing myself for the last 5 years and had great results. Catch Carp Spain clients have also used this brand along with one other brand so we are not one of those guiding companies who changes boilies left right and centre.   NO that’s not the way we work at Catch Carp Spain we use what has been proven to give the best results for everyone.  So it is a very big move changing from what we have been using all of this time, but it looks like that may be what is going to happen as the results we have had from the new boilies have been outstanding.  The name of the new company is VITAL BAITS .  They have been catching some cracking carp here in Spain over the last year, so lookout for the write up which will be coming soon.

Well a Happy New Year everyone and time to catch up on what happened in the second half of the 2010 season. I would like to start by saying a big thank you to the fantastic clients who made 2010 season such an incredible success 2010 saw us having clients from all over Europe come to Extremadura to experience for them self’s the amazing carp fishing we have here. The second half of the season really was a cracker with Lake Orellana showing why it is regarded as one of the top venues in European carp fishing, an incredible 70% of our clients went home with new p.b.s in the second half of the season but there are three that I have to give a special mention to, first there was Cliff who was here for a week with his three mates in early September and went home with a cracking new p.b. of 51lbs nice one mate. Then there was John who only came up from the Costa del Sol for three days with his mate and with a modest p.b. of 18lbs but went on to up this with just about every fish he caught finally ending with a new p.b. of 44lbs top fishing John and finally Dave who was here on his own for a week at the end October and came with a p.b. of 16lbs but went home a happy man with a new one of 45lbs good stuff Dave. There really have been so many memorable moments over the last four months it would just take far too long to put them all down as regulars to the site will know we usually update the news every month this has not been possible over the second half of the season as we have been so busy that we never could find the time to do a proper update so from now on we will be doing shorter but more regular updates to keep you up to date with what’s happening. As for the second half of 2010 season take a look at the photos as I think they say it all. 

Three cracking new p.b.s for Dave,Cliff and John 

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 Cliff,Sumo,Mark and John (England)

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George (England) 

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Steven (England) 

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Ken (England) 

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John and Christian (Canada & England) 

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Jean (Holland) 

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Jon, Lin, Chris and Ken (Wales) 
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Derek and Erwin (Holland) 

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Peter (England) 

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Martien (Holland) 

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Deco and Jordan (Ireland) 

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Dave (England) 

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Jim, Mark and Chris (England) 

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Me with a new p.b. Orellana Mirror 

Catch Carp Spain

Well thanks again everyone and sorry for not managing to get all the photos on this update but there were far too many and not enough time. Keep an eye on the news update over the coming weeks as there are some cracking photos of our winter carping here in Extremadura with no snow to be seen anywhere.


Hi Folks, sorry for the lack of news on the website you will be glad to hear that’s not down to there being nothing to report far from it. The last couple of months have been manic with us on the bank with clients none stop so there has been no time for us to get back to the office and do the news updates, but what a cracking couple months it’s been on the Orellana for our clients with just about every one of them going home with new p.bs. as well as fish being caught to over 50lbs. Will give you all the details when we get the chance to sit down and do a proper news update but for the moment here’s some pics to wet your appetite.

Carp SpainCatch CarpSpain Carp Fishing
Fishing HolidaysSpain Carp FishingCatch Carp Spain

Catch Carp NowHi folks, well it’s been another cracker of a month here in Extremadura for C.C.S. June started with George, Paul and Chris coming up from Seville for a couple of days fishing on Orellana. Things went well right from the off with the lads getting straight into the fish and over the 2 days having something like 15 odd runs with all three of them leaving with new p.b.’s.  Well done lads, nice fishing and a great laugh had on the bank.Looking forward to seeing you next time. After this, my self and Craig managed to get a three day session in on Orellana. What a session it turned out to be. After the cracker of a 2009 season I’d had, with almost every session producing carp of over 40lbs for me, this year was proving more difficult, but that was about to change.  Craig and I this year have had very little luck with the weather when fishing ourselves, so it was nice this time for some good conditions to be forecast for the coming three days. The weather had been quite hot for some time  with very little wind, but was set to change to cloudy with rain and a good strong wind blowing out the west that would do just fine. The first day was great fun with lots of fish showing close in and both Craig and I catching well into double figures with the average carp being around the 30lb mark.

The second day started much the same with us both straight into the fish. By lunch time I had decided it was time for a change of tactics. This year I had set myself a target of catching a 60lb or bigger carp on Orellana and although I was having great fun catching plenty of fish at the time, they were all around the same size, 25lb to 35lb. That morning I had seen a couple of bigger fish topping further out at the edge of an old river bed so decided to stick all three rods along there. I knew this would slow the action down for me but felt this was the best chance I had of picking up a bigger fish. For the first 5 hours nothing, with Craig still bagging up and starting to catch bigger fish too.  When my left hand rod went screaming off, as soon as I picked the rod up I knew it was a decent fish. The only problem was it was heading straight to my left where there were a mass of sharp rocks and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Ping, line cut, fish gone, bollocks- never mind the tactics were working and my confidence was up. However, it only took another 45 minutes before bang, this time the right hand rod went screaming off.  Yet again, as soon as I picked the rod up I knew it was a good fish and was taking a load of line, but this time I had a lot more open water in front of me so could afford to let it run, and run it did, must have taken a good 100 yards of the spool before I managed to turn it. Orellana carp, you can’t beat them for power. Anyway, after what Craig said was a good 25 minutes of arm breaking, work finally I got it close to the net, but even after this the bugger would not give up and would not get in the bloody net. By this time I could see it was a cracker, so a 5 nervous minutes were spent before I got it’s head up and Craig got the net safely under it YES. It was when Craig gathered the net up that I started to get excited as I could then see it was a real monster.  So onto the mat and into the sling for weighing, with the scales stopping at 59 and a half pounds. GET IN THERE. So, half a pound short of this year’s target, but a new Orellana p.b. for me just the same, and still half the season left. The last day of the session saw us catch more carp and end up with over 1100lb of fish for the three days and a great time had. We did get one more short session in before the end of the month, with Craig catching a couple of nice 30lb plus carp and me a couple of doubles but the temperature by then was climbing again, so that’s it till the temperatures drop again at the end of August, beginning of September.   Can’t wait!!
Catch Carp NowCatch Carp NowCatch Carp Now

Catch Carp NowCatch Carp NowCatch Carp Now

Catch Carp NowCatch Carp NowCatch Carp Now

Catch Carp SpainHi folks, May was a good month here in Extremadura with C.C.S., lots of fish on the bank and new p.bs for most of our clients. We started the month with father and son Frank and Reggie coming up from the Costa Del Sol to join us for a couple of days on the bank. Though the fishing was hard, we had 3 runs and put 1 fish on the bank.  Unfortunately for Reggie he lost 2 good fish but his dad came good and landed a nice double. To be fair to Reggie, it was his first time fishing here and he came with reels loaded with 15lb line which he soon found out is not really up to the job of tackling the wild carp in Orellana. After this Craig and I took the opportunity to get in some fishing on Orellana. Right from the start of the session we were into the fish, catching plenty from 20 to 30 lbs.   After 2 days on the bank we got a call from a couple of lads who had come up on the off chance of getting a day’s fishing in, so it was off up the road to grab the lads and some tackle for them, then back down to the bank with Jay and Gareth. They could only manage a 12 hour session but nevertheless had 3 or 4 runs and put a couple of doubles on the bank.   Good going lads. The next day the same thing happened, with Lorenzo and Sebastian coming up from Seville for a 24 hour session with us.   Over the 24 hours they had 9 runs and managed to put 5 or 6 on the bank all over 20lb with them both getting new p.bs.  Well done lads. The next week I was giving Craig a hand with a camera crew who came out to make a film on Orellana.   As luck would have it, for the first time really this year, the sun came out and the temperature and air pressure rocketed,  making for crap fishing: bloody typical. Near the end of May the first ever World Carp Classic qualifier for Spain was to be held on Orellana with C.C.S. and Craig at Extremafishing both entering teams and, as you would expect, there was a good bit of healthy rivalry going on between us. The C.C.S. team would be my self and Stu with Craig and Chino fishing for Extremafishing. The draw was not kind to either of us, with Craig and Chino getting a right shocker and team C.C.S. getting an area we had never fished before. Turned out the swim we had had no features at all to fish to.  

So the only thing we could really do was try and cover as much of the water in front of us as we could. As it turned out this method worked quite well with us managing to put over 270lbs of carp on the bank for the 3 days which in the end gave us second over all, beating Craig and Chino who were stuck in a section where only 170lbs were caught in total, with them catching 90lbs, which was pretty good giving  them fourth over all, so a good showing from the British guides. Would just like to say thanks to Stu who really put in a great effort and was very unlucky not to take the first fish prize as he lost the first 4 fish on an old crayfish pot that we only managed to get out on the last day.  A pleasure to fish with you as always bud.  C.C.S would  also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winning team of Fran Granados and Jorge Sacristian who landed a cracking 816lb of fish.   Very well done lads and the best of luck in the final. 
Catch Carp SpainCatch Carp SpainCatch Carp Spain

Catch Carp SpainCatch Carp SpainCatch Carp Spain

Catch Carp SpainCatch Carp SpainCatch Carp Spain

Catch CarpHi Folks, well April has been a rather strange month here with Catch Carp Spain, what with volcanic ash clouds, more rain and rising water levels. What can you do when Mother Natures being an arse…. The two groups that we had booked in April unluckily both fell victim to the volcanic ash that grounded flights in the U.K.   We quickly got on the blower to them though and soon had new dates arranged that suited all parties concerned. Did manage a couple of sessions on Orellana  myself this month, the first being a short two day session with Craig from Extremafishing. The trip turned out to be more than a bit frustrating as we spent the two days watching from the bank we were on, the fish topping non stop on the opposite bank, which unfortunately had no access for us, and with no boats allowed on this part of the lake, no way of getting across.  Wasn‘t all bad though,  I did put a nice 32lb common on the bank at the end of the session that went like a scalded cat and gave us both a good laugh. I was really looking forward to my next session as it was going to be on one of my favourite areas on the lake and the winds were forecast to be coming from the best direction possible for that particular area. Catch CarpWas joined on the bank this time with Stuart who is a mate of Craigs. Well as luck would have it the wind was perfect, but unfortunately the night before we hit the lake it pissed down and carried on for the first day of the session. This resulted in the opening of the dam on the lake above us, with the water levels rising a good 6 inches to a foot every day making the session a complete wash out. We did however get some great news this month, Alfredo a good local friend of Catch Carp Spain landed his first 20kilo plus Orellana carp at the start of the month. Well done mate from everyone here at Catch Carp Spain. We’re sure there’s bigger still to come from you. And to end on folks, keep you eye on our news page as we have an incredible summer offer coming which is not to be missed. It’ll be posted on this page in the next few days and is a real cracker.

CarpHi Folks, it was with great pleasure that CCS welcomed back the lads from C.A.C.I. fishing club in Ireland.  This time seven of the C.A.C.I. boys came across to Extremadura, with some in the group on their third trip in a year.  As is always the case with the C.A.C.I. boys, an absolute blinding time was had on the bank.  After the exceptional and unusually wet winter we’ve had here in Extremadura, there’s no point in bullshitting about it, conditions on the lake here have not been the easiest.  CarpWater levels are at a 20 year high, with Sierra Brava maintaining it’s max level for the last 6 weeks and Orellana also incredibly high with terribly coloured water.  The lads split into two groups with the majority spending their time with us on Sierra Brava and the other two lads hitting Orellana.    As it turned out, considering the conditions, some of the lads on Sierra Brava did really well.  Not only was the lake full to capacity, but the previous 10 days before the lad’s arrival the sun had been shining, and with high temperatures this had led to the fish entering their pre-spawning mode.  As was the case on his last trip, Gavin did exceptionally well and produced another 3 p.b. carp over the 10 days.  Well done mate.  This time Gavin also had young Carl his cousin with him for his first time fishing for specimen carp.  As can often be the case with carp fishing, beginner’s luck struck again….. Carl’s first fish being a cracking 41lb Sierra Brava common and the biggest fish caught.  Well done mate, but next time try not to snap the rod in the process!  The other lads on Brava had a much harder time, with very little fish being caught between them, this was not due to any lack of effort on their part, the fish were just not moving into their swims.  As for the two lads on Orellana, things were even more difficult, with not many fish being seen at all and water conditions being absolutely terrible.  The boys stuck at it nevertheless and moved around the lake during the 10 days, but with no luck.  CCS would also like to thank Craig from Extremafishing for all his help and assistance over the first quarter of the year.  It’s been refreshing to have the two companies pulling together for the benefit of both company’s clients.  As you can probably tell, it’s been another crazy winter here in Extremadura, with last year being the coldest in 40 years and this year the wettest in 20 years.  Just like last year, after the hard start to the year, this year we’re expecting the rest of the year to produce some excellent fishing.  Will keep you posted. 


Catch CarpHi Folks, sorry for being a bit late this month with the news update, but things have been rather hectic here.  January turned out to be a bit of a mental month.  The start of the month saw myself and Craig head out for some barbel fishing as the weather was looking non-conducive to good carp fishing. The first day turned out to have nothing to do with fishing and everything to do with us having our own little Top Gear special.  The weather was hideous, lashing down with rain and the roads to the lakes being washed away in some places.  Over the day I think we tried to get to swims on 3 different lakes with bugger all success, but having a great laugh trying, with both 4 x 4’s getting a proper work out.  Ended up bivvied up on the edge of one lake late at night without fishing as we were both knackered and needed a drink.  During the night the lake we were at,  to give you an idea of how much water had fallen during the day, came up a metre and went back down again in the space of 8 hours.  Next day we set out for a lake where there was very little water entering the lake, however, conditions were still horrendous with high wind and lots of rain, nevertheless persevered for a couple of days with little success. Did manage one small barbel of approximately 7lb, I say approximately as did not weigh it or take a picture as it was pissing down…..  CCSCraig was also having bugger all luck, the only thing that seemed to be interested in his bait were the pain in the arse channel cats that also reside in this lake.  Glad to say that the next 2 short sessions that Craig and I had in January were more productive.  Both of these sessions were on Sierra Brava, with the first one a 3 day session which produced lots of runs and myself having at least 15 carp up to 30lb.  Craig also had a good session getting into double figures for carp also.  The next session was only a day and a half as the weather turned bad again, but still managed to put fish on the bank with the best being a cracking 37lb common.  Not bad considering the crappy conditions.  Looking forward to better conditions in February as things are busy here at Catch Carp Spain for the month.  Will let you know as usual via the newsletter how ourselves and our clients get on.

Catch Carp SpainHi Folks, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone from all at Catch Carp Spain.  December has been a very quiet month for us here at CCS as we took the opportunity to have a holiday with friends and family, and a most enjoyable time was had.  We actually only managed 2 days on the bank in the month of December which were spent with a good friend of Catch Carp Spain, Alfredo, in pursuit of Extremadura’s legendary Comizo Barbel, for those of you who do not know about this incredible fish, this is a barbel indigenous only to Spain, and in very limited areas within the country, that can grow to 40lb plus.  This was the first time out to specifically target Comizo Barbel for CCS, and we’d like to thank Alfredo for showing us some of his secret areas which have been researched over many many years by him.  Conditions weren’t the best as we still had not had much rain and temperatures were still warm for barbel fishing.  Nevertheless, we gave it a good go over the 2 days, but unfortunately no luck.  Carp FishingI myself lost one barbel and managed one small river carp, whilst Alfredo had bugger all luck this time out.  Though since the start of the month when we were on the bank together, glad to report Alfredo has had another session and been lucky enough to bank both a 20lb and 17lb comizo barbel.  Well done mate.  Although Catch Carp Spain is primarily and foremost a Specimen Carp guiding company, we are going to be spending some time over the next few months fishing for these incredible fish.  All things being well, this may be something that we will introduce for our clients next winter.  Now back to the carp, December has been a really mild month here in Extremadura, with the wind coming out of the south and west more or less all month which has made for excellent fishing conditions.  Although we’ve not been on the bank ourselves, we’ve had plenty of reports back from local anglers that it’s been fishing really well, with many large carp coming out during the month of December.  Looking forward to getting back out in January as it seems we’re escaping the freezing weather you’re currently enjoying in the north of Europe.  Will keep you updated as usual through the newsletter next month.

Catch Carp SpainHi Folks, November has been a good month here in Extremadura as we expected.  Started the month with a 3 day session on Orellana, with water temperatures having finally cooled to a good level after the extremely hot summer we've had this year and with a nice warm westerly wind blowing things were looking good for the session.  On arrival at the swim I had chosen for the session, straight away I could see the fish were very active so was keen to get fishing as soon as possible.   Whilst I was setting up I was lucky enough to get a visit from one of the other inhabitants of the Orellana, a very playful otter who spent a good 5 minutes munching crayfish 15 yards out from where I was setting up.   Although I've seen otters on the Orellana and Sierra Brava before, it has always been at dusk or dawn and they've always been easily spooked.  This fella seemed to be just as interested in what I was doing as I was in him, and all this at 3 o'clock in the afternoon……
Catch Carp SpainAnyway, back to the fishing.  The session turned out to be a real cracker with runs galore, lost count by the end, but must have had up to 20 carp over the 3 days.   The only thing that was a little disappointing for the session was that the carp were moving in each evening in large shoals which contained a lot of fish in the mid 20's, if you can call that disappointing, but it was making it hard to get to the bigger fish.  Nevertheless, with some perseverance and a few different tactics, managed to get a couple of 30 plus carp on the bank and a cracking 41lb Orellana common, so all in all a top session to begin the month.  Catch Carp SpainFollowed this with another 3 day session on Orellana the following week, this turned out to be a much harder session as can often be the case. After taking a look at the weather forecast for the coming 3 days, decided on a swim where it requires boating all the gear out to.  

Big mistake, as Mr. Weatherman got it wrong again!  Turned out that the winds that had been forecast never arrived, or when they did, from the opposite direction.  Nevertheless, persevered and did manage to put 3 carp on the bank, all mid 20's.  Was also joined on the session for 1 night by my friend Alfredo who did a bit better than me and stuck a 33lb common on the bank.  Catch Carp SpainWell done mate.  Ended the month with a short 2 day session on Sierra Brava, turned out to be a cold couple of days with not many fish moving, but still managed, as is the norm on Sierra Brava, to have 5 runs, managed to lose 2 in the snags I was fishing tight up against, but did manage to put 3 of them on the bank. Couple of doubles and a 22lb common.  As I'm writing this, we've finally started to get some rain here in Extremadura, which in my opinion will be a good thing for the coming months' fishing, as the temperature is staying reasonably high.  As you may have noticed, we are running a 10% discount on all prices on the website at the moment, won't last forever so get booking for an unforgettable carp fishing experience here in Extremadura with Catch Carp Spain.  Until next month.

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Hi again folks, well October has been a bit of an up and down month for Catch Carp Spain with the start of the month being wasted with myself having a crappy bout of tonsillitis which kept me off the lake for the first couple of weeks.  Thankfully by the middle of the month, after a good dose of antibiotics, was feeling back on form for the arrival of Peter, Dan and Steve up from the Costa Del Sol.  This was their first time here fishing with Catch Carp Spain in Extremadura, although Peter has been a good friend for many years and has spent some time with me on the bank in Andalucia.  As they were only going to be here for a weekend on Orellana I went down the day before their arrival to the water to set things up for their arrival so that they got the maximum time fishing and also to get my first day back on the water.  The morning they arrived I had two takes, although I lost one of the fish, did manage to put the other one on the bank, a nice 30lb Orellana common, so things were looking okay for the lad’s arrival.  The weekend turned out to be a blast on the bank with a shedload of good banter and a sizeable amount of beer consumed….Peter was the first into the fish on the first night, banking two cracking Orellana commons followed on the second night with Steve doing the same with two larger Orellana commons.  Carp FishingUnfortunately for Dan who was on his first time ever carp fishing, the luck was not to be with him, but we’ve promised him a monster carp next time.    Cracking time had lads and can’t wait for the next one.  The last week in October I took myself up to Sierra Brava for a 4 day session.   For Catch Carp Spain and me personally, this year has been a cracker, with myself having 40lb plus carp out every month this year bar February when everybody toiled this year, and the 2 summer months of July and August when we don’t really fish, so I guess I was due a bad session.  CCSWell this 4 days was that bad session, I fished like a complete noddy for the 4 full days, had 10 runs over the session and only managed to put 2 fish on the bank, both being low doubles.  There you have it folks, don’t say I don’t tell you the truth, I guess it happens to us all every now and again, but hope that’s the last I have of it for a good while!  Looking forward to November and hopefully taking my finger out of my arse with regards to my angling. Will update you as usual at the end of the month.

ccsccsccsHi Folks, sorry for the news update being a bit late this month but it’s been a busy time here at Catch Carp Spain.  We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this month as it means the end of the long hot summer and the start of 9 months of the best fishing here in Extremadura.  September began with a bang, with on my first short 3 day session on the Orellana managing to bag a fish every  day, with the best of these being an absolute cracking 47lb Orellana Common, one of the classic long, hard fighting, fin perfect examples that the Orellana  is famous for.  Following this I had a couple of mates up from the coast for a social 3 day session on the Orellana.  Good time was had by all with plenty of catching up being done, a few drinks had on the bank, and also myself managing to stick another couple of Orellana commons on the bank,  the best of these being  34lb.  Then it was a pleasure to have back for the second time this year some of the lads from the C.A.C.I club in Ireland.  Deco, Gavin and Jordy who were here in March were also joined this trip for his first visit to Extremadura by Lewie.  We started the lads on the Orellana as it had been fishing very well, but as luck would have it for the Irish, for the first time in 7 or 8 eight weeks the wind started to blow constantly from the east, which made fishing extremely difficult.  We did give it a good go, but the fish were obviously being pushed out to the deeper water with the wind conditions.  Conditions were to change later in the week, with the wind coming back out of the west, but as it was Lewie’s first trip here and he had not fished Sierra Brava, it was decided not to risk the weather forecast being wrong and head to Brava instead, where no matter what the wind conditions, I was reasonably confident of putting the lads on to fish.  This turned out to be the case but not without it’s problems. spain fishing holidayspain fishing holidayAs is becoming the norm at Sierra Brava, there are a lot of competitions taking place at weekends and  where we originally set up on Brava turned out to be right on the edge of where a competition was due to take place the coming weekend.  With my knowledge of the water and how the fish behave during these competitions, I decided that the best idea was to move to the opposite bank from where the competition was to take place as I was sure with the extra noise and pressure on the water the fish would make their way over there.

As it turned out this worked to our advantage, as straight away we started to get into the fish.  Gavin especially was having a really good time of it, with him getting 2 new p.b.’s  both a common and a mirror in the space of 10 minutes, then proceeding later on during the trip to better his common p.b. again.  Well done Gavin, if anyone deserved it, it was yourself for the lack of luck you had earlier in the year.  The unlucky mantle was definitely taken over by Lewie on this trip as he had many runs but was having no luck getting them to the net.  He did bank one fish, but lost numerous others including some big ones, through no fault of his own.  Deco too was having a bit of a tough time of it, losing fish in the snags, but just as it was getting to him, he landed a lovely Sierra Brava common.  Over the 4 full days on Sierra Brava we managed to bank at least 14 plus fish and lost many more.  Yet again, I’d like to thank the lads from Ireland as they are an absolute pleasure to spend time on the bank with, and with a special mention for young Jordan who never fails to put a smile on everybody’s face with his classic one-liners.  I’d also like to take this opportunity, as I’m sure the Irish lads would too, to thank Anne of Catch Carp Spain for her outstanding new range of lakeside food packages.  The evening “heat and eat” meals were the absolute bollocks and not a drop was left every night.  As usual folks, we’ll keep you in the picture with what’s happening here with Catch Carp Spain here in Extremadura via our monthly news updates.
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Hi Folks, well glad to say we are now at the end of the summer here in Extremadura.  This year has been another roaster with temperatures in the high 30’s throughout July and August.  It’s traditionally our poorest time of the year for fishing here in Extremadura and we have only spent 5 or 6 days over the whole period fishing.  We did have Beaky and Mick up again from the coast for their third visit this year and spent 3 days with them on Sierra Brava.  As is the norm at this time of year, fishing was hard and there were lots of summer anglers on the bank whose carp angling etiquette can sometimes leave a lot to be desired……Having said that, still managed to put fish on the bank, with Beaky doing particularly well, managing to put 4 or 5 carp on the bank over the 3 days. 

Although we didn’t spend a lot of time fishing during the summer, we did put the free time to good use in securing some new and exciting areas on Orellana for our clients’ benefit in the coming months.  Will keep you posted as to how these new areas are fishing as the year progresses. 

I’d like to take the opportunity here, through the News Update, to answer a few frequently asked questions by people making enquiries through Catch Carp Spain.

  • Is night fishing legal in Extremadura? – At the time of writing this news update, unfortunately the answer is still No.  Legally you may fish an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunset.  Although we at Catch Carp Spain do of course have total respect for the laws here in Extremadura, and a very good working relationship with the local authorities, we at the same time, in the good tradition of hard core carp anglers, will always stretch them as far as we possibly can for both ourselves and our clients.
  • Can we bivvy up on the lake? – Yes.  As long as you have the appropriate type of bivvy which Catch Carp Spain uses as standard. 
  • Can we go onto your new interactive booking form and choose different packages without submitting a booking? - Yes.  The new interactive booking form is designed so that even if you are not booking there and then, you can still go on and try out as many options as you would like, to see which one suits your needs and budget without having to book immediately.

Well that’s it for now.  We’re really looking forward to getting down to some serious angling again after the summer  and to have 9 of the best months here in Extremadura  for carp angling to look forward to.   Will keep you updated at the end of every month as usual through our News Updates.

CCSHi folks,  Catch Carp Spain was lucky enough in this month to have the lads up from the Costa Del Sol again.  Beaky, Mick and Jim spent four days on Sierra Brava with Catch Carp Spain and Mick also managed an extra day for the first time on Orellana.  As usual when the lads come up there is always a good time had on the bank with plenty of banter and a fair bit of eating and drinking.  Mick actually arrived before the others, so was able to have a night on the Orellana which turned out to be an alright night with Mick landing a 28lb Orellana common which led him a right merry dance, he also hooked into one of Orellana's monster commons but unfortunately lost this one 10yds from the net.  Better luck next time Mick….As for the time spent on Sierra Brava, we had plenty of action and were using the new Mainline boilies for the first time, all of us having plenty of runs on the new boilies which was great for the first time using them on the water.  Although we never managed to bag any monsters, we did manage to put plenty of 20's on the bank, with both Jim and myself managing a 28lb common each.  Great time was had by all and can't wait for the next one.  Cheers lads.

CCSHi Folks, been another top month here for Catch Carp Spain in Extremadura. Although we only managed a couple of short sessions this month on Orellana, CCSwe still managed to put some cracking monster carp on the bank. The fish were still sporadically spawning down on Orellana and also we were having to contend with some pretty heavy weed still in the lake. Having said this, over the two sessions we still managed to get into double figures for the amount of fish caught with most of these fish being in the 30lb plus bracket, and the best being another 45lb monster common. The reason we at Catch Carp Spain haven’t been fishing so much over the last month is that we’ve been putting together some cracking new products for our clients. CCSThese should be available for our clients to view on the website in the coming weeks and should make things a lot easier for our clients when deciding how they would like to spend their fishing holiday with us. CCSWe’ve also been doing some work with Mainline Baits here in Spain and have a new boilie range coming out from them that we think is going to be perfect for here in Extremadura and at a very affordable price. Will be testing these new boilies for the first time in June, so will keep you updated on how they perform. So please keep your eye on the website for the new products which will be with you as soon as possible.

CCSHi Folks, April has been a pretty quiet month here in Extremadura for Catch Carp Spain, with it being the Easter holidays, we took some time off with family and friends.
Having said that, we did manage two sessions on our favourite private area on Orellana. The water had really started to warm up, so was optimistic about getting into some good fish.  The first session I spent there was for four nights and although the session started slow with plenty of fish showing but not picking up the baits, by the end of the session had managed to put a cracking 43lb Orellana common on the bank along with one other smaller fish.  Had also lost a couple of fish in the very heavy weed that we have here at this time of year which is growing from bottom to top.  Alex Perrin from Mainline Baits in Spain also joined me for a night on this session as we were both planning to fish the same area the following week.  He brought with him some of the new Mainline  baits to pre-bait the area for the next week’s session. On my arrival the following week it was plain to see from the start of  the session that the fish were turning on to spawning mode.  This as you can imagine made for extremely difficult fishing conditions, but nonetheless turned out to be one of the most enjoyable four days I’ve spent on the lake.  Did manage to put four fish on the bank, with the best being a 30lb Orellana common, but the real story of the session was some of the monster carp that myself and Alex were able to observe close up from the boat.

Usually in this area, with it being crystal clear water, as soon as you go out in the boat the fish would spook and disappear, never giving you a chance to look at them.
CCSThis time as the fish had started to spawn, we were able to drift up and down the weed beds where this was taking place, and far from spooking the fish, they were quite happy for the boat to be there and on many occasions we actually had groups of fish following the boat.  The number and size of fish that we saw was unbelievable.  Although from the boat it’s not easy to put an accurate weight on these fish, there were many fish at over 4 feet in length and one fish in particular which was at least 5 feet long.  We must have seen over a hundred fish just in the small bay we were fishing, but all around this area in the other small bays we could see the same thing happening.
So apart from the sunburn from having been out in the boat all the time, it was great to see up close how many cracking monster carp are in the area.  Now can’t wait for them to finish spawning so that we and our clients can get out there and put them on the bank.

CCSMarch has been an absolutely cracking month here in Extremadura with Catch Carp Spain.  The month began with an old friend of ours coming up from the coast for a session on Sierra Brava.  Beaky was an original customer of our tackle shop in Marbella, and was one of the first clients we took to Extremadura.   Beaky had brought his mate Keith with him and another friend Mick was due to join us the next day.  When we arrived on Sierra Brava for the first day’s fishing, weather conditions were pretty bad, with strong winds and the roads around the lake an absolute mess from the amount of rain we’d had in the previous weeks.  After looking at the conditions, myself and Beaky decided it would be a better idea to crack open a bottle and catch up on old times whilst waiting for conditions to improve.  Needless to say myself and Beaky got very little fishing done on the first day, but nevertheless had a great laugh.  On awaking the next morning, the wind had died down a bit and the swim I’d chosen was looking promising, so 3 rods went straight out.  Within 45 minutes I had my first fish on the bank which was a cracking 36lb Sierra Brava Mirror.  After taking some pictures, got the rod back onto the same spot and 30 minutes later another cracking Sierra Brava Mirror was on the bank.  This time weighing in at 31lbs.  It was after this that events took a somewhat farcical turn.  CCSAnyway, to cut a long story short, and to save anyone any unnecessary embarrassment, the next couple of days were taken up with extracting a rather pissed off Beaky’s once shiny 4 wheel drive from a rather muddy hole.  So, anyway, enough said….. back to the fishing.  As it turned out, Beaky was to have the last laugh as on his first day back from muddy hole he landed a new p.b. a well nice 32 and a half pound Sierra Brava Common.  Before leaving the boys, as I had to get back for more clients arriving, I managed a 28lb Common and by the way it was stripping line off my reel, I could have sworn it was a  50 plus fish.  I was also glad to hear the next day that Mick banked a lake p.b. 36lb Common.  Great  time had lads, but next time can we leave out the drama?
In the middle of March it was Catch Carp Spain’s great pleasure to welcome our first fellow Celt group of anglers here to Extremadura.  This turned out to be the best session of the year so far.  The writing was on the wall from the outset with the lads being from Ireland, St Patrick’s Day falling during their stay with us, and Scotland playing Ireland in the Six Nations Rugby, as per usual Scotland lost the rugby and we all got well pissed on Paddy’s Day.  So anyway, back to the fishing.  CCSThe group consisted of A.J., Ricky, Declan, Gavin, Gary, Brian and not forgetting young Jordan.  A.J. and Ricky spent the duration of their time with us on Sierra Brava with some outstanding results.  Right from the off the boys were into big fish.  On the first morning A.J. was straight onto the fish and had a 39lb Sierra Brava Common within the first hour of his rods being out.  The boys managed in the first area they fished over the first 3 days, 3 or 4 fish all over 30lbs, whilst also losing a few good ones as well.     The weather conditions at the time were not the best as there was not a cloud in the sky and temperatures were very hot with very little wind.  This meant that the carp were milling about on the surface having a good old sunbathe.  So it was decided after 3 days to move the boys down to one of my favourite swims on the lake.  This swim is not everyone’s cup of tea as it’s fishing right in amongst a mass of snags and is real locked up, hit and hold stuff.  After watching the lads fishing over the previous days, it was clear they were up to the job.  I could go on forever about the fishing that took place over A.J. and Ricky’s next 6 days, but a brief summary being that the lads banked around 18 to 20 fish between them, with the majority being 30lb plus and A.J. landing the biggest at 43lbs. CCS While the size of the fish were good, I think that both lads were more astonished at how hard fighting the Extremadura carp really are.  Both A.J. and Ricky have fished abroad many times and have never seen tackle take so much abuse with rods sounding like they were going to break at any moment, hooks straightening and rodpods bent in all directions.  A great time was had by all, with some top angling, and a couple of great gargles to boot.  The other lads started their holiday with us on Orellana as they were all keen to land one of Orellana’s monster wild carp.  

Although the weather was extremely hot, the water temperature was still very low on Orellana, and new water still coming into the lake.   Nonetheless there was the occasional fish showing, so it was definitely worth a go.  After a couple of days with nothing on Orellana, Gary and Brian decided to head up to Brava as the lads up there were catching fish.  Declan, Gavin and young Jordan decided to stay on Orellana and give it another couple of days.  CCSAlthough the lads put a lot of hard work in, and with some big fish moving into the area, it was decided by the Wednesday after having no runs, that it would be best to move up to Brava with the other lads.  It really has been a slow start this year on Orellana due to the unusually cold winter we’ve had here in Extremadura, and with the Orellana lake constantly filling with new water which has kept the crayfish dormant much later than usual.  After Gary and Brian had moved on to Brava they started to get into the fish.  Gary did particularly well out of the two, catching somewhere in the region of 10 or 11 fish, with 2 or 3 nice 30lb plus mirrors to show for his efforts.  Brian had a bit more difficult time of it, losing some big fish, but still managed to bag a couple of doubles before his time with us ended.   Declan, Gavin and Jordan also got into the fish once they’d moved up to Brava, with Gavin in particular experiencing the raw power of Extremadura’s carp.  On his last morning he had a crazy hour where he had somewhere in the region of 7 runs, and one in particular that he won’t forget in a long time.  CCSOne run was so savage, the fish pulled the rod off the rod pod and as Gavin went to grab the rod, the butt swung up and gave him a nice reminder of his holiday, right in the family jewels!  Nevertheless he did manage to bank one double and everyone was well chuffed for him.  Declan also managed a double for his efforts, a lovely 24lb mirror.  And last but definitely not least, Jordan, the young comedian of the group also managed to bank a double on his uncle A.J.’s rod.  Catch Carp Spain had a top time on the bank with these lads and if their fishing is anything to go by, Ireland has an extremely healthy carp angling scene.  The end of March was every bit as good as the start for Catch Carp Spain, with myself spending the last 2 days of March on Sierra Brava before it closed for the month of April and having an absolutely cracking short session, catching 9 fish which included a 35lb, a 40lb and a monster 53lb common.  It’s been a great start to the year for Catch Carp Spain, doing what we do best, putting big fish on the bank, both for our clients and ourselves.  Cheers to everyone who has helped to make the beginning of the year such a success.

CCSHi folks, sorry for the delay in this news update,  things have been so busy here with Catch Carp Spain throughout February and March, that there has just been no time to sit down and write the news.  Seems a long time ago now that we had Chaz, Karl and Paul here on a week’s holiday at the beginning of February.  Unfortunately for the boys this turned out to be one of the worst weeks for fishing that we’ve had here in Extremadura.  The weather was absolutely atrocious, with freezing gale force winds coming from all directions  the whole time they were here.  Add to that Arctic conditions for here in Extremadura, lots of rain, a rush of new cold water filling the lakes and even a couple of hailstone showers thrown in for good measure.  This all made for an extremely trying time on the bank.  We started the lads on the Orellana lake but after a couple of days, it became apparent with metre high waves coming down the lake, it would be better to try our luck on Sierra Brava.  Conditions were not much better on Brava, with us seeing not a single fish, but we persevered and finally on the last day of their trip the lads managed to get a couple of runs with Karl landing the only fish at 15lbs.  Although the lads never had much poundage in carp, they all went home a good few pounds heavier, as they were on a full board package, and Anne’s food hit the mark as usual.  Just like to give Chaz a special thanks for his little prezzie in the post and his kind words in his letter.  Look forward to having you here with us again. 
In the middle of February we had Lee and Marisa here on a 4 day holidCCSay.  The weather couldn’t have been more different from the start of the month with not a cloud in the sky and rapidly climbing temperatures.  Although it was great conditions on the bank for getting a suntan, fishing was still very slow.  We were on Sierra Brava for the duration of their holiday with us, but as we had so much rain in the previous weeks, the cold water was still pouring into the lake meaning that the water temperature was still very low and the fish were not feeding.  This resulted in only one fish on the bank, a 17lb Sierra Brava common.  It was a pleasure having them both here and hope to see them again.
At the end of the month it was our pleasure to welcome Tom and Nobby of Advance Technology Tackle here for a 5 day holiday with us.  The lads started their trip on Orellana as they were very keen to net one of it’s wild monster carp.CCS  Although the weather had been improving since the middle of the month, there was still a lot of new water entering Orellana and water levels rising by about 2 inches a day.  Though we were seeing the occasional fish, they were still not feeding as the water temperature was still pretty low.  After 2 days with no runs, I decided it would be a good idea to take a run up to Sierra Brava and check things out.  Once I’d spoken to some of the anglers on the lake, although there weren’t many fish being caught, after checking the water temperature which was well up on Orellana, I decided to move the lads to Sierra Brava the next day, as with the right tactics and in the right area we would have a good chance of getting onto the fish.  CCSAs it turned out this was the right move, as over the next 2 days between them they caught over 20 fish.  Both these lads have fished many different venues throughout the world and have been regular visitors to France over the years, so it was a  great pleasure to hear them both say how the Extremadura carp were the hardest fighting and best conditioned fish they’d caught.  Although the boys never got into any of the really big monsters in Sierra Brava, they did manage five 30’s, with them both having 39lb fish, with Nobby’s being a new p.b. common.  Have to say that Catch Carp Spain had a great time on the bank with the lads from ATT and with them already planning a return trip before they left, it’s safe to say they had a great time too.
I’d also like to take the time to talk about the absolutely top class alarms and receivers that Advance Technology Tackle have on the market at the moment.  Both Tom and Nobby were using their new ATTs alarms with the ATTx V2 receivers.  These alarms and receivers never put a foot wrong the whole trip, although sometimes we were fishing in strong winds and often a good hundred metres apart, even whilst standing behind the Land Rover having a coffee while getting out of the wind, the receivers never missed a run.  One of the things I’ve had a lot of problems with here while fishing on lakes this size is when the wind gets up you get a lot of false indications on your alarms, which as you know can drive you nuts.  Not once throughout the whole trip did we have this problem with the ATTs alarms.  CCSThis is due to the unique roller system that these alarms have.  For this reason alone I would buy a set, but add to this the stylish look, total reliability and price, it’s an absolute no-brainer for the serious carp angler.  If you’ve not had a look at these alarms already, it’s time you did.  For more information on Advance Technology Tackle products go to the link on our links page.  Glad to say Tom is back here fishing in April and the set that I’ve ordered are coming with him.  Can’t wait.

Keep a lookout for the March News Update as it’s going to be a cracker.

Cacth Carp SpainHi Folks, it’s been another difficult month here in Extremadura, with the cold conditions persisting throughout the month which has kept the bigger fish from coming on to the feed.  Having said that, as my wrist finally healed, managed to get a 4 day session on Sierra Brava. Not having fished for 6 weeks due to my wrist, it was  great just to get on the bank again.  Wasn’t expecting much from this session as temperatures were dropping as low as minus 3C at night.  Despite this, the sun was coming out occasionally and things were warming up when this happened.  First couple of days were pretty hard going with only a few fish being caught and the biggest only  12lb.However, on the third day, after changing my baiting tactics, and fishing very small popups on the hook, things started to improve.  Managed a couple of fish up to 18lb and the day was starting to get warmer.  That afternoon, a couple of hours before sunset, the left hand rod which was placed tight up against a snag  went off.  As soon as I picked the rod up I knew it was something big and after 10 minutes I was well chuffed to have a 49lb Sierra Brava Royal Mirror sitting in the net.  The last day produced a few more fish, the biggest being a 22lb common, so all in all, a cracking first session of the year for Catch Carp Spain.

CarpCatch Carp Spain has had quite a quiet November with the Extremadura region of Spain not escaping the cold snap which most of Europe has had this month, with night-time temperatures dipping below freezing on some nights.  Add to this, heavy rain and cold winds coming predominantly from the North, fishing conditions have not been at their best.  Having said that, Catch Carp Spain has still managed to get in a couple of short sessions on Sierra Brava.  Even though the fishing was tough going, Catch Carp Spain rods still landed over 20 carp for the two sessions.  Though the average size was lower than we’re used to here in Extremadura , this being down to the difficult conditions, we still managed 7 fish over 20lb and a cracking 30lb Sierra Brava common.Carp Spain  
Just remains to say that Catch Carp Spain wishes all our clients a Very Happy Christmas and  keep your eye on the website for some cracking Festive Season deals coming up.

Carp FishingOctober has been another cracking month here in Extremadura with plenty of big carp being caught on Catch Carp Spain rods.  We have also had the added bonus this month of having one of the U.K.’s top specimen carp anglers choosing to take a weekend holiday with us.  Jon McAllister, holder of the coveted Anglers Mail Challenge Cup 2007/2008, and who is also the holder of the U.K.’s record brace of carp in a day, spent a weekend in the middle of this month here with Catch Carp Spain on Lake Orellana.  This was Jons first time fishing in the Extremadura region of Spain, though Catch Carp Spain has spent time on the bank with him elsewhere in Spain.  Catch Carp Spain picked Jon up from Seville airport on the Friday lunchtime and made our way straight to Lake Sierra Brava.  Although Jon would not have time on this trip to fish Brava, he was very keen to see the venue as he is planning a return trip with Catch Carp Spain to have a go for the Sierra Brava monster carp. After an hour spent there and seeing plenty of good fish topping, it was time to leave and take the 20 minute drive down to our base on the banks of Lake Orellana for a welcome and delicious meal prepared by Anne our resident “chief cook and bottle washer” and then off on the 5 minute drive to one of our private areas on the Orellana lake to get some bait out and set up the rods for the next days fishing.  The bait that we would be using was Catch Carp Spains’ own particle mix along with the quality new MACH 1 boilies from NASH BAITS that Jon had brought with him.  Carp FishingThese quality boilies will be on sale from NASH BAITS next year.  Once we got the bait out and our rods clipped up ready for an early start, it was time to chill out have a couple of Havana Clubs and catch up on what’s new.  The next days fishing went pretty well considering the challenging weather conditions we were having, one minute sunbathing, the next it was pissing down, with the wind constantly changing directions.  Having said that, we still managed to bank 10 carp between us for the day, with Jon very quickly realizing why everyone’s talking about Extremadura as the place to be carp fishing.  Of the 10 we caught the average was below the norm for the swim we were in, with most being in the mid 20’s and the biggest being 31lb.  Though as Jon pointed out, all were in tip top condition and were some of the hardest fighting carp he had caught.  CarpWe were hoping for a bit more settled conditions for his last day on the bank and the next morning things were looking up, with us both hearing big fish crashing around during the night. The wind had also calmed down and was coming out of a constant direction, so with both of us feeling confident, the rods went out.  We didn’t have to wait long before Jon had the first carp in the net, which was another tip top Orellana carp of 29lbs and over the course of the day another 6 carp fell to our rods, with all of them being around the 30lb mark. Jon was absolutely loving catching the hard fighting Extremadura carp and with just a couple of hours to go, pulled into his best fish of the session, which after a good 20 minute battle, was safely in the net.  This turned out to be an absolutely fin perfect 37lb Orellana Common which he was well chuffed with.  After this it was time to pack up, head back to base for a shower and another one of Annes’ cracking meals with Jon making plans for his next holiday here with Catch Carp Spain in Extremadura.  Catch Carp Spain as always when fishing with Jon, has had a top session and would like to thank Jon for choosing us for his Extremadura carp fishing holiday. Looking forward to the next one mate.