Hi Folks well it’s time for an update me thinks. ok ok as I am sure you have gathered by now sitting down writing updates for the website is not our strong point. Though I am glad to report that putting our clients onto the best carp fishing on Lake Orellana and supplying everything that is needed to see them safely in the net is still what we excel at. We are now using our facebook page to keep you up to date with catches and all of the news from the bank. From now on our Facebook page will be synched with this blog. Anyway here are some catches to feast your eyes on.

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Carp FishingOctober has been another cracking month here in Extremadura with plenty of big carp being caught on Catch Carp Spain rods.  We have also had the added bonus this month of having one of the U.K.’s top specimen carp anglers choosing to take a weekend holiday with us.  Jon McAllister, holder of the coveted Anglers Mail Challenge Cup 2007/2008, and who is also the holder of the U.K.’s record brace of carp in a day, spent a weekend in the middle of this month here with Catch Carp Spain on Lake Orellana.  This was Jons first time fishing in the Extremadura region of Spain, though Catch Carp Spain has spent time on the bank with him elsewhere in Spain.  Catch Carp Spain picked Jon up from Seville airport on the Friday lunchtime and made our way straight to Lake Sierra Brava.  Although Jon would not have time on this trip to fish Brava, he was very keen to see the venue as he is planning a return trip with Catch Carp Spain to have a go for the Sierra Brava monster carp. After an hour spent there and seeing plenty of good fish topping, it was time to leave and take the 20 minute drive down to our base on the banks of Lake Orellana for a welcome and delicious meal prepared by Anne our resident “chief cook and bottle washer” and then off on the 5 minute drive to one of our private areas on the Orellana lake to get some bait out and set up the rods for the next days fishing.  The bait that we would be using was Catch Carp Spains’ own particle mix along with the quality new MACH 1 boilies from NASH BAITS that Jon had brought with him.  Carp FishingThese quality boilies will be on sale from NASH BAITS next year.  Once we got the bait out and our rods clipped up ready for an early start, it was time to chill out have a couple of Havana Clubs and catch up on what’s new.  The next days fishing went pretty well considering the challenging weather conditions we were having, one minute sunbathing, the next it was pissing down, with the wind constantly changing directions.  Having said that, we still managed to bank 10 carp between us for the day, with Jon very quickly realizing why everyone’s talking about Extremadura as the place to be carp fishing.  Of the 10 we caught the average was below the norm for the swim we were in, with most being in the mid 20’s and the biggest being 31lb.  Though as Jon pointed out, all were in tip top condition and were some of the hardest fighting carp he had caught.  CarpWe were hoping for a bit more settled conditions for his last day on the bank and the next morning things were looking up, with us both hearing big fish crashing around during the night. The wind had also calmed down and was coming out of a constant direction, so with both of us feeling confident, the rods went out.  We didn’t have to wait long before Jon had the first carp in the net, which was another tip top Orellana carp of 29lbs and over the course of the day another 6 carp fell to our rods, with all of them being around the 30lb mark. Jon was absolutely loving catching the hard fighting Extremadura carp and with just a couple of hours to go, pulled into his best fish of the session, which after a good 20 minute battle, was safely in the net.  This turned out to be an absolutely fin perfect 37lb Orellana Common which he was well chuffed with.  After this it was time to pack up, head back to base for a shower and another one of Annes’ cracking meals with Jon making plans for his next holiday here with Catch Carp Spain in Extremadura.  Catch Carp Spain as always when fishing with Jon, has had a top session and would like to thank Jon for choosing us for his Extremadura carp fishing holiday. Looking forward to the next one mate.