Hi Folks well it’s time for an update me thinks. ok ok as I am sure you have gathered by now sitting down writing updates for the website is not our strong point. Though I am glad to report that putting our clients onto the best carp fishing on Lake Orellana and supplying everything that is needed to see them safely in the net is still what we excel at. We are now using our facebook page to keep you up to date with catches and all of the news from the bank. From now on our Facebook page will be synched with this blog. Anyway here are some catches to feast your eyes on.

Catch Carp Spain on Facebook

CCSHi folks,  Catch Carp Spain was lucky enough in this month to have the lads up from the Costa Del Sol again.  Beaky, Mick and Jim spent four days on Sierra Brava with Catch Carp Spain and Mick also managed an extra day for the first time on Orellana.  As usual when the lads come up there is always a good time had on the bank with plenty of banter and a fair bit of eating and drinking.  Mick actually arrived before the others, so was able to have a night on the Orellana which turned out to be an alright night with Mick landing a 28lb Orellana common which led him a right merry dance, he also hooked into one of Orellana's monster commons but unfortunately lost this one 10yds from the net.  Better luck next time Mick….As for the time spent on Sierra Brava, we had plenty of action and were using the new Mainline boilies for the first time, all of us having plenty of runs on the new boilies which was great for the first time using them on the water.  Although we never managed to bag any monsters, we did manage to put plenty of 20's on the bank, with both Jim and myself managing a 28lb common each.  Great time was had by all and can't wait for the next one.  Cheers lads.