Hi Folks well it’s time for an update me thinks. ok ok as I am sure you have gathered by now sitting down writing updates for the website is not our strong point. Though I am glad to report that putting our clients onto the best carp fishing on Lake Orellana and supplying everything that is needed to see them safely in the net is still what we excel at. We are now using our facebook page to keep you up to date with catches and all of the news from the bank. From now on our Facebook page will be synched with this blog. Anyway here are some catches to feast your eyes on.

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Hi again folks, well October has been a bit of an up and down month for Catch Carp Spain with the start of the month being wasted with myself having a crappy bout of tonsillitis which kept me off the lake for the first couple of weeks.  Thankfully by the middle of the month, after a good dose of antibiotics, was feeling back on form for the arrival of Peter, Dan and Steve up from the Costa Del Sol.  This was their first time here fishing with Catch Carp Spain in Extremadura, although Peter has been a good friend for many years and has spent some time with me on the bank in Andalucia.  As they were only going to be here for a weekend on Orellana I went down the day before their arrival to the water to set things up for their arrival so that they got the maximum time fishing and also to get my first day back on the water.  The morning they arrived I had two takes, although I lost one of the fish, did manage to put the other one on the bank, a nice 30lb Orellana common, so things were looking okay for the lad’s arrival.  The weekend turned out to be a blast on the bank with a shedload of good banter and a sizeable amount of beer consumed….Peter was the first into the fish on the first night, banking two cracking Orellana commons followed on the second night with Steve doing the same with two larger Orellana commons.  Carp FishingUnfortunately for Dan who was on his first time ever carp fishing, the luck was not to be with him, but we’ve promised him a monster carp next time.    Cracking time had lads and can’t wait for the next one.  The last week in October I took myself up to Sierra Brava for a 4 day session.   For Catch Carp Spain and me personally, this year has been a cracker, with myself having 40lb plus carp out every month this year bar February when everybody toiled this year, and the 2 summer months of July and August when we don’t really fish, so I guess I was due a bad session.  CCSWell this 4 days was that bad session, I fished like a complete noddy for the 4 full days, had 10 runs over the session and only managed to put 2 fish on the bank, both being low doubles.  There you have it folks, don’t say I don’t tell you the truth, I guess it happens to us all every now and again, but hope that’s the last I have of it for a good while!  Looking forward to November and hopefully taking my finger out of my arse with regards to my angling. Will update you as usual at the end of the month.