Hi Folks well it’s time for an update me thinks. ok ok as I am sure you have gathered by now sitting down writing updates for the website is not our strong point. Though I am glad to report that putting our clients onto the best carp fishing on Lake Orellana and supplying everything that is needed to see them safely in the net is still what we excel at. We are now using our facebook page to keep you up to date with catches and all of the news from the bank. From now on our Facebook page will be synched with this blog. Anyway here are some catches to feast your eyes on.

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Well December and January have been a blast here in Extremadura, lots of fish on the bank and some really good weather to go with it. I’m not going to carp on about the weather too much as I know pretty well all of the rest of Europe has had a shocking couple of months.   We have had a few cold nights and a bit of rain but it has never lasted more than a couple of days and the fishing conditions have been spot on most of the time. We finished the year fishing on Lake Orellana; the first session of the month saw Stu up again from Seville for 4 days on the bank with me and a cracking 4 days fishing  it turned out to be 30+ fish over the 4 days and the majority being 30+lb with the biggest tipping the scales at 42lb.   I have to say nice one to Stu as he bagged a new p.b. on the session a cracking 39.5lb common well done mate. The next session was also on Orellana with Craig over 2 days which was a bit more difficult as conditions were not as good.  We still put 5 carp on the bank with the biggest over 30lb and the rest being mid 20s. So that was it for December as it was time for plenty food and drink with family and friends over the festive season.

January started with a 3 day session on Sierra Brava with Craig and Stu.  We have had clients fishing Brava in 2010 but this would be my first time fishing there since this time last year.  It’s not that I don’t think Brava’s a good water it’s just that Orellana is without doubt one of the best venues in carp fishing.   Some of the biggest hardest fighting, often uncaught carp, are found in Orellana so I do tend  spend most my own time fishing there.  Who wouldn’t given the opportunity.  The session I have to say was a bit of a piss up it being the first of the New Year but nevertheless we did manage to bank more than 20 carp with Craig having the biggest at 32.5lbs.   Stu and I chipped in with some 20s.  The next session was also on Brava with Craig and myself spending another 3 days on the bank.  We had lots of fish in fact over 30 with me having the biggest at 31.5lbs and 4 or 5 mid 20s the best of the rest. The last session in January was again on Brava with Craig.  We had 4 days on the bank this time and had more than 20 fish.  Most were Craig’s as I was having a nightmare session.   The water was rising very fast and a lot of drift wood had ended up in my swim which led to me losing quite a few fish.   Added to that I caught as far as I  can remember the smallest carp I have ever had in many years fishing here in Extremadura.   You can imagine the piss taking coming from Craig but what goes around comes around.  Not long after he too had a tiddler on for my amusement.  In the end though he had the last laugh with the best fish of the session a nice 29.5lb mirror.   So as you can see some outstanding fishing to be had here in Extremadura even in the winter months bare it in mind come next winter.

Just a quick one before I go.   Over the last few months I have been trying out a new boilie company. It’s pretty common knowledge that I have used the same boilie brand when fishing myself for the last 5 years and had great results. Catch Carp Spain clients have also used this brand along with one other brand so we are not one of those guiding companies who changes boilies left right and centre.   NO that’s not the way we work at Catch Carp Spain we use what has been proven to give the best results for everyone.  So it is a very big move changing from what we have been using all of this time, but it looks like that may be what is going to happen as the results we have had from the new boilies have been outstanding.  The name of the new company is VITAL BAITS .  They have been catching some cracking carp here in Spain over the last year, so lookout for the write up which will be coming soon.