Hi Folks well it’s time for an update me thinks. ok ok as I am sure you have gathered by now sitting down writing updates for the website is not our strong point. Though I am glad to report that putting our clients onto the best carp fishing on Lake Orellana and supplying everything that is needed to see them safely in the net is still what we excel at. We are now using our facebook page to keep you up to date with catches and all of the news from the bank. From now on our Facebook page will be synched with this blog. Anyway here are some catches to feast your eyes on.

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Catch Carp SpainHi folks it’s been a good couple of months here in Extremadura with some great fishing and lots more new areas fished on this amazing lake. October was spent with me getting out to fish as many of the areas that I had recce’d in the boat during the summer months that I could whilst also checking out some spots that I thought would do well over the winter months. As there was so much to be going at I had to limit myself to only fishing one or two nights at each new area so as to get through as many as  possible in the time I had available. This meant sometimes having to leave areas as the swim was starting to produce which as I am sure you can imagine is not the easiest thing to do.   It turned out to be the right thing as my clients got the benefit of this in the following month. Though I was only doing a night or two then jumping in the boat to the next spot I was gaining loads of new information on each area and still managing to catch fish to over 40lbs.
Carp Fishing SpainI was really looking forward to Gerald and Christoph arriving as they were going to be the first clients to try out the new boat and fish some of the new areas that having the boat has made it possible to get to for the first time. Gerald and Christoph were coming here for the third time in as many years so were ideal clients to gain feedback on the new way we operate. I wanted to see how big a difference it made to their fishing experience and off course whether it led to more and bigger fish on the bank. I am glad to report that it was great success even with one of the quickest temp drops I have ever experienced.  Summer changed to winter in the space of a couple of days. The lads arrived at the start of November with the temperatures in the mid-twenties during the day and staying well into double figures at night. I had been out on the bank a couple of days before they arrived and had still been in shorts and tee-shirt with the water temp at a very nice 20c.Fishing HolidaysPretty much spot on fishing conditions but by the time they left a little over two weeks later the day time temperature was down to the mid-teens.  It was still very sunny with not a cloud in the sky most of the time but as you can imagine you were paying for this at night with temperatures dropping to below freezing on some nights and the water temp well down at 15c. Even with the tough changing conditions the lads got to fish five different areas of the lake four of which they had never been to on any of their two previous trips here with us. They were straight into the action with fish coming right from day one and by the end of their time with us they had had fish from every area except one and that was only because they lost a couple of fish there.

I think in total they had somewhere in the region 30+ runs with them landing some cracking fish which included 3 or 4 lovely mirrors and with Christoph getting a new pb of just over 54lbs and another three 40lb plus fish he was well happy. So as you can see from the pictures the lads had a great time and the feedback from them regarding our new setup was positive all the way.Carp Fishing SpainThey loved the fact that they had so many options and were not stuck in the one area so that when conditions changed and the fishing slowed down at one area it was a quick throw the gear in the boat and of to the next. Well that’s it for the moment as I am off out to fish some new areas as I am still only about 30% through the spots I want to have a good look at and will give you a update next month on how its going.
It’s not too late to book now for early next year and see for yourself just how good it is.