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If you are flying from outside of Spain there are three Airport options.
malaga ccs
madrid ccs
seville ccs

We would advise clients to drive here as public transport can be very challenging especially where you don’t speak Spanish.

Car Hire in Spain is very reasonable and there are many companies with desks at the major airports. If you are looking for the best value option avoid the wellknown names and opt for the local suppliers. They are good value and are used to dealing with tourists. When you get to Orellana your hire car can be stored securely in the Catch Carp Spain warehouse in town until you need it.

The roads in Spain are very good. Outside of the major cities they are quiet, with excellent signposting making it easy to find your way. The majority of your route from all of these airports will be on motorways or dual carriageways with the last leg across country. Rural roads are good and even quieter. You will drive through some beautiful countryside a few small towns and villages and realise just how big and sparsely populated the centre of Spain is. Be aware of your speed especially through villages. It can be tempting to go too fast on these open roads and each village has a monster speedbump as you approach and leave it. 
It is advisable to print out your route before you arrive. If you feel that you need it there are numerous navigation apps for your smart phone that you can use with good Spanish data. Waze is one we have used in Spain but be aware of roaming charges.

You can hire sat nav with your car but it is expensive and you really don’t need it. The routes are very straightforward. 
Enjoy the journey and we will be ready to welcome you when you get here.
If you need advice on getting here give us a call on 0034 696 600 212.

Catch Carps Spain
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